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3 Secrets of People Who Keep Their New Year's Resolutions

Think back to when you first began making New Year’s resolutions. How many resolutions have you kept up with for a month, let alone a year? If the answer is ‘very few’ or ‘none’, then our Pittsburgh transportation service is of the opinion that you may be approaching your resolutions the wrong way. You may have been skipping out on some crucial measures that make it possible to make and keep resolutions.

To be certain, our Pittsburgh car service approached individuals who have kept resolutions for a year or more and compiled a list of common insights that we gathered from them on how to stick to it even after the initial excitement has drifted away. We hope that these insights will go a long way in helping you keep up with your personal pledges throughout 2019. Have a wonderful 365 days ahead!

1. They Constantly Reflect on their Resolutions

People who have succeeded in keeping at resolutions for more than a year seem to have one thing in common; they constantly remind themselves of their targets. This is mostly in the form of written reminders such as sticky notes strategically placed around the house, notes in their mobile devices, the screensavers on their computers, and so forth. They also mark expected milestone dates on their calendars to keep them on their toes and keep them working every day to meet their deadlines. Human beings have a tendency to forget, not necessarily the goal, but its urgency and importance. More often than not, human beings need to be reminded than taught. Ensure that your mind is constantly being reminded of your goals this year and you will be compelled, at every turn, to keep working towards your goals all the way to the end of the year.

2. They Inspire

We also noted that most of these individuals do not try to go it alone and, even when they have to, they try to inspire others to strive for their goals and follow through on their own resolutions. They do this by sharing their resolutions with family and friends and banding together with those with similar resolutions for purposes of mutual encouragement and morale. Knowing that you will be accountable to someone other than yourself makes it even easier to stick to your resolutions. For example, assume your resolution is to read at least one book every month. You could try forming a book club with friends/family/colleagues with a similar goal, which will push all of you to stick to it.

3. Track Progress

Further, people who keep up with their resolutions have a habit of tracking their progress; they do not wait for the end of the year to see how well they have done. Regularly tracking progress helps you identify what is working and what isn’t, allowing you to make critical adjustments in your approach in a timely manner. Buy a journal and keep track of your progress on a daily basis, keeping yourself on your toes throughout the year.

Posted on Jan 03 2019

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