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4 Great Business Books to Read on the Road

A good book will get you thinking, but a great book will change the way you think. Whether in hardcopy, softcopy, or audio form, a great book will keep you hooked and what better time to catch up on your reading than on the road? You’re stuck in a vehicle/airplane/train for hours; having an interesting book with you could help you pass the time and simultaneously expand your mind’s boundaries.

At our Pittsburgh Car Service, we believe that learning should never really stop, there is always something new to learn, a new skill to be acquired.

Today we have decided to share with you some of our most favorite business-related books you can engage yourself with on your next trip. Thank us later.


Zero to One, Peter Thiel and Blake Masters

This is a vast collection of lectures given by billionaire venture capitalist and co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, compiled from his years teaching at Stanford. In this book, Peter Thiel collaborates with his friend and former student Blake Masters. These lectures come together to bring about a compelling set of standards for entrepreneurs, through-leaders, and startups to apply in their own ventures and increase their chances for success. These lectures are just so well put together that you can’t help but sit back and reflect after each one. After you’re done with this book you just can’t help feeling that your energy and resolve to succeed has been renewed.


The Road to Character, David Brooks

This book focuses more on your personal development. It provokes deep introspection and self-reflection on how your character plays a significant role in building your career and business. According to this book, the two are mutually inclusive; there’s an overlap, and you can’t have one without the other. The Road to Character will help you understand that the moral compass of our lives automatically influences the compass of our livelihoods.


The Happiness of Pursuit, Chris Guillebeau

First of all, we really appreciate the play on words in the title, that’s one of the very first things that attracts people to this book. This book gets you thinking about why you do what you do and if what you do is really what you’re meant to do. What good does your business do you if it doesn’t make you feel alive?

The book backs up its claims with patterns of happiness that the author has observed in successful leaders and entrepreneurs around the world. The author recognizes that people who shook up the world were happy during their journey and not just when they got to their destination. We recommend this book if your goal is to derive as much happiness and fulfillment from life as possible.


Three Nights in August: Buzz Bissinger

Entrepreneurs make major decisions based on either data or their gut-feeling. The author, however, makes it clear in this book that neither is enough on its own and that all major decisions should be based on a proportional mixture of the two. In other words, an entrepreneur who understands the data will have the most accurate gut feeling. This book will undoubtedly sharpen your critical decision-making skills.

Posted on Nov 01 2017

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