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4 Reasons Business Travelers Don't Need to Worry About Ebola

limo service pittsburgh, pittsburgh limo, limousine serviceEbola is a terrifying disease, but the majority of business travelers aren't going to need to worry about it. Though Ebola may sound terrifying -- it is often fatal -- it is not easily transmitted. Here are a few of the reasons why business travelers shouldn't worry too much about the threat.

Ebola Is Only Contagious For a Small Window of Time

There is a reason why Ebola, as fatal as it is, hasn't killed us all. It's because the time period between when someone is symptomatic and when the disease gets very, very serious is only two or three days. A patient goes from feeling fine to being extremely ill within 72 hours. And the disease is only contagious when the patient is symptomatic -- so a patient will only be up and around for a small period of time during which they can infect others.

Ebola Needs to be Contracted Through Bodily Fluids

You can't just sneeze on someone and give them Ebola. To get Ebola, you need to be in physical contact with someone's blood, sweat or other bodily fluids. And even sweat and saliva pose a negligible risk -- there's never been a known case of sweat spreading Ebola and saliva tends to break down the disease. So you will probably know if you have come in contact with Ebola.

People With Ebola Are Extremely Noticeable

Ebola causes a variety of symptoms -- fever, dizziness, coughing and other noticeable issues. You will know when you come into contact with someone who has Ebola and, like mentioned, Ebola is only contagious if the person is already experiencing these symptoms. As long as you avoid people who are visibly sick, you will not run into the disease.

Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take action to protect yourself. Cover any cuts, scrapes or other open wounds on your body and make sure that you sanitize your hands throughout your travel. At the first sign of any flu-like symptoms, you should check with your doctor. But contracting Ebola is very rare and isn't something that should worry most people.

Posted on Oct 03 2014

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