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4 Things Business Travelers Always Forget To Do Before Leaving The Office

pittsburgh limousine, limousine service pittsburghBusiness travelers are often extremely well prepared, but that doesn't mean they can remember everything. There are some things that are extremely easy to forget -- but that you should always do before you leave for your next journey.

1. Set Your Email Auto-Responder

Without an email auto-responder, your clients will have no idea why you don't seem to be answering them. Even if you're intending to check your emails while you're gone, there will be times that you just can't (especially when you're flying). An email auto-responder should direct them to alternate resources while you're away.

2. Call Your Cell Phone Company

Make sure your cell phone company has adjusted both your voice and data plans. Remember you'll be using more data if you're using your cell phone as a WiFi spot while you're out and about. You will also need to adjust your voice minutes for additional calls, which you would normally take at your office.

3. Contact Your Bank

Your bank will need to know that you're traveling -- unless you want to deal with last minute red flags on your account. This is especially true if you're going to be traveling internationally. Call your debit card and credit card providers and let them know where you'll be and what duration you'll be there. The duration is particularly important, so they can flag transactions that happen after you've returned home.

4. Memorize Your Passwords

Do some of your accounts in your office automatically sign you in? First of all, you shouldn't be doing that! It's bad for security. But it also means that you might not remember some of your passwords once you're out of the office. Take a moment to verify and memorize your passwords (don't write them down) to make sure you'll be able to log in once you leave. Otherwise you may not be able to access vital computer systems when you're traveling.

Of course, this all assumes that the ordinary things -- packing your bags, notifying your clients and shuffling your work -- has already been handled. Take some time to go over a little checklist and to make sure that everything is as it should be. After all, the last thing you want is to have to put out fires while you're hundreds or even thousands of miles away!

Posted on Oct 24 2014

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