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4 Useful Office Party Etiquette Tips

Office parties can be fun, but as much as we want to enjoy ourselves, we must never forget that we are amongst professionals and we must, therefore, conduct ourselves as such. Having hosted numerous office parties of our own, it is safe to say that our Pittsburgh limo service has mastered the art of the office party and, in this post, we will be sharing some of these tips with you.
Before we proceed to the etiquette tips, we would also like to recommend employing the services of a reputable car service like our Pittsburgh transportation service for your transportation needs on the day of the party. Gather a few of your closest colleagues and treat yourselves to a chauffeured service that will not only act as a luxurious way to get to the party but will also guarantee your safety and that of your companions as you leave the party, especially since you will probably be leaving with a few drinks in your systems.

Now, here are a few tips that will come in handy to all your subsequent office parties.


Before taking the liberty to bring a guest to the office party, confirm with the event planners if there is an allowance for guests and, if so, how many. In most cases, spouses are considered in the planning, but other than that there may be budgetary restrictions. It would be an uncomfortable situation if you brought more guests than anticipated and some of them had no places set for them. So always confirm.


Sure, the food at the party is going to be delicious. Enjoy it, but do not push it too far, at the risk of seeming gluttonous. One way to know how much food you are supposed to take is by looking at the size of the starter plates. Do not overfill your plate and when it comes to exiting the venue, no matter how amazing the food was, do not ask for a doggy bag.

Dress Code

Now, the main point to remember when it comes to office party dress code is - keep it decent, not too uptight, but then not revealing either. Where no dress code has been specified by the planners, you don’t want to keep it too formal; wear something a little more casual to the party. Alternately, where a dress code has been specified, we recommend playing along and dressing for the occasion. For example, if the dress code is Halloween, wear the scariest costume you can find.


Office parties are an opportunity for coworkers and owners to mingle freely in an out-of-work setting. But do not be misled by the setting, this is still a formal function. Therefore, if you are slandering someone or intruding on their personal affairs, you are effectively violating harassment policies and eroding the team’s unity in the process. Use this time to interact with people from other departments and to network with external guests. Forget your personal issue with Susan from your department and don’t mention them once; that is an issue for another day.
If you are thinking about organizing a business dinner and need some tips, read the articles published by our Bronx car service friends at Islip Limo Car Service and find out more about the art of the business dinner.

Posted on Mar 26 2019

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