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5 Creative Wedding Themes for Your Big Day

The uniqueness of a wedding ceremony comes down to the preference. Couples have an idea of what their wedding should look like. It is upon the couple to define what ceremony they want to have so our Pittsburgh limo service decided to come up with few we would like in this article.

Consider employing our Pittsburgh car Service for all of your transportation needs on your big day. We have handled numerous transportation wedding details in our years if operation. Our trusted staff are ready to satisfy your needs and day as royal-like as you imagined.


For a vintage wedding inspired by the classic American, British, and European-style, you need a proper vintage vehicle. For the bride, a typical white dress with laces and a long trail would be the ideal choice. For the groom and his best men, you should choose a creamy, classic three-piece suit and if they include a vintage pocket watch it would be great.


Most modern weddings abide by the culture of white dresses and black suits. The venue has to be just right, and the best thing is that is all up to you how you choose to decorate. A modern wedding deserves a modern sleek seat, cool settings, and beautiful backgrounds perfect for photo sessions.


A bohemian wedding is unconventional, and it differs from every other marriage. A bohemian wedding involves a departure from the traditional wedding regarding the décor, the venue, and even the dress code. A bohemian wedding is like a fairytale – it has a romantic feel inspired by the fascinating beauty of nature. For a boho wedding, flowers are essential – you can never have too many.


A traditional wedding encompasses the very natural considerations that the wedding ceremony is known for. The bride and the groom typically inform the nature of the theme but a traditional wedding has certain aspects that define it. Drawing inspiration from the cultural traditions of the West these weddings have in most cases a typical bride in white with the groom mostly dressed in the traditional Oxford style black suit.


Just because you want to be mindful of the environment (as we all should be) when you plan your wedding doesn't mean you have to skimp out on the little things. You can use biodegradable confetti as an alternative to rice for your grand exit, opt for succulent plants instead of flowers as table decor, plants that will be used after the big event, and many invitations can now be printed on recycled paper, or you can send them online. If weather allows, choose an outdoor venue to cut back on energy from lighting.

We, at Regency Global Transportation Group, know that your wedding is the most special days of your life. Choose our Pittsburgh wedding transportation solutions as your event-day transportation partner and we’ll make your big day perfect and worry-free. Our specialists will make sure that you select the right vehicles and program for the couple, bridal party, and guests. To find out more about our wedding transportation packages, contact us as soon as possible and we will get back to you with more information.

Posted on Feb 05 2019

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