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5 St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and you can be sure that there will be plenty of green beer flowing. If you are planning to partake in the festivities of this Celtic event, it is important that you plan for your safety and that of others.

Remember: St. Patrick’s Day is about partying, not about driving. Our Pittsburgh Transportation Service has therefore come up with some pro tips that you can apply this St. Patty’s Day to ensure that you have fun and that you come out of the other side safe and sound.

Eat and Hydrate

Ensure that you are well fed and well hydrated throughout the period of celebration. We recommend that you specialize in foods that are high in fat and protein before, as well as during drinking. Also, alternate alcohol with non-alcoholic drinks, preferably water, because alcohol tends to dehydrate rather than hydrate your body. Eating well and drinking water decreases the chances of getting a hangover or getting overly drunk and passing out unceremoniously.

Be your Brother’s Keeper

Remember, the rich Irish culture upholds strong values such as loyalty and duty. Friends are supposed to look out for one another, and this holds true especially on this holiday. For example, make sure your friend does not attempt to drive while under the influence. If they are about to drive you or themselves home, take their car keys and make arrangements for a different means of transportation; it’s not worth the risk.

Friends don’t let friends drive under the influence so count on us for all your ground transportation needs during this celebration. Our friendly chauffeurs are committed to exceeding the highest expectations. Contact us and book your ride for St. Patrick’s Day!

Keep your Devices Charged

If you are headed on a trip or simply going out with some friends to partake in the festivities, ensure that all your phones are fully charged and put them on power save mode to preserve the power. This is a measure that ensures that no matter how inebriated you get, if you lose each other in the crowd you will have an open line of communication.

Talk to your Child

If you have a teenager or young adult who is planning on going out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we bet you would like to have the assurance that they are as safe as can be. Since there is no way for you to be there to monitor their every movement, the next best thing is to have an honest, open, and non-judgmental discussion with them. This way you have the assurance that even though you cannot see them, they will be responsible and take care of themselves as well as their companions.

Hire a Car Service

Whether you are simply going to a parade or hosting a party at your house, ensure that everyone has a safe means of getting back home. We have found that the safest bet, better than having a designated driver is hiring a professional car service. Consider our Pittsburgh Car Service; our trusted chauffeurs will drop you and your companions at your venue of choice and will be ready to drive each of you safely to your respective homes whenever you choose to end the celebration.

Posted on Mar 06 2018

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