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5 top tips for a productive flight

From crowded airports to inconsistent or even unavailable airport Wi-Fi to the time spent in between, flying on business can be quite stressful. Think about the precious time that is taken out of your day while you stand in line for airport security, while you wait for your gate to show up, and even while you start to settle into the trip. That is why, despite all our good intentions, maintaining productivity while flying is a challenging task. Keep on reading to find out some of our top tips for minimizing stress and maximizing productivity.


Pack efficiently

When packing, make sure you do it with productivity in mind. A small wheeled carry-on bag is perfect for a brief business trip. Just remember to pack a smaller bag inside it where you can put all the essentials needed for your journey, such as your tablet, laptop, some noise-canceling headphones, a notepad and pen, your ID and other important documents. Also save some room here for a bottle of water you can purchase at the duty-free.

Using this trick will save you from searching through your bag while other annoyed passengers are trying to make their way through, and it will also make debarking the plane simpler.

It is recommended that you have all your electronic devices fully charged the moment you arrive at the airport. This way, you won't be endangering your productivity by being left with a drained battery from the beginning of your flight while also following the new rules that require passengers to prove that their devices are charged. Just in case your battery gets depleted, be sure to have chargers handy. Save yourself some time and stress and acquire a portable battery charger for your electronic devices and forget about wantonly searching for a power outlet.


Make use of airport lounges

Whether your flight has been canceled or you have a long layover or an early check-in, an airport lounge is a perfect place to spend your time. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy some peace and quiet (which is very hard to come by in an airport), free refreshments, and, most importantly, be productive and catch up on some work before boarding your flight. Be sure to do some research beforehand to find out what services your airport lounge offers.


Preparation is key

Before you embark on a journey, consider making a list of tasks to complete by the end of it. Traveling is time-consuming, so why not make the most of that time? Try to be pragmatic and realize that a 4-hour plane trip does not translate to 4 hours of nonstop productivity. Furthermore, make sure that the tasks on the list are specific and concrete and not just some vague outlines.

Find out if you will have Wi-Fi on your airline, and if it’s free. If it's not, it is recommended you buy Wi-Fi access while you're still on the ground, as this is not only easier and cheaper but will also prevent more time being wasted. In the off case something goes wrong, you ought to be prepared to work offline as well.

If you have documents that you need to read, you should print them out. Although it might seem a little old-fashioned, we believe reading from physical paper is definitely more comfortable than looking into a screen for several hours at a time. This will also help you save battery power which you could use to do more important tasks on your electronic device.



Don't shy away from making small talk with the other passengers, especially if you’re seated in business class. See this as an opportunity for networking, expanding your client base or your professional network, and possibly learning some new things. Worst case scenario, the neighboring passenger is not a talkative type or simply not in the mood, in which case the conversation ends at hello.



For those boarding long flights, sleep is of the essence. By avoiding jet lag and sleeping through the stress of crossing different time zones, you will maximize your chances of feeling refreshed when you land.

If you want to avoid taking a nap on the shoulder of the neighboring passenger and then having to deal with the uncomfortable remainder of the journey, you should bring a neck pillow and get ready to sleep in difficult positions. For those flying regularly, it is highly recommended to pack a sleeping mask and earplugs, or even a pair of noise-canceling headphones.


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Posted on Oct 11 2016

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