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5 Ways to Change Your Business Meetings from Bland to Brilliant

The top executives end up wasting a lot of hours each year taking care of the emails and participating in unproductive meetings, a fact that influences the whole organization. But the lost time isn't simply that spent in the meetings themselves, but also that assigned to prepare for them or the one afterward, involving as well employees of all levels, who lose plenty of valuable working hours each week.

Unfortunately, the meetings are an indispensable aspect of doing business. You may have various cooperative tools at your disposal, but face-to-face meetings are still the best way to interchange ideas quickly. Have you noticed how increasingly difficult maintaining the attention of today’s tech-distracted, fast-paced, busy workers has become? The solution is to preside an efficient and exciting meeting so as not to end up wasting everyone’s time.

If you've been conducting business meetings in a traditional, old-fashion way, now it's the time to change your strategy. Make them more energized by using the following tactics, exercises, and suggestions.


Make It Interactive.

Nowadays, a business meeting is often unproductive because it consistently follows a single strict goal and is presided by controlling speakers.

Do you find familiar the image of a significant group of employees listening to a person speaking the whole meeting?

In this kind of situations, the employees are certainly going to remember only a small percentage of what the speaker says. As a suggestion, why not invite the employees to participate in a brainstorming project and come up with ideas for the next activity? This is a far better approach than having to listen to someone for half an hour reviewing the plan for your future project.

There are times when the business meetings may require participation from employees who need to prepare appropriately. In this kind of situations, remember to email the meeting agenda a week ahead of time with precise assignments and invitations for your employees to participate. Involve your staff in the process of finding solutions. Don't just generally ask for their participation, but instead set measurable expectations, telling every employee that you expect them to come up with two or three ideas.

When the employees feel like an important, active part of the meeting, they’ll undoubtedly remain focused and interested.


Break the routine, change the venue.

Sometimes, the employees come to meetings already bored because they predict to encounter the same routine and monotony. The setting might be the problem as maybe the location doesn't stimulate them to produce new ideas or to have productive discussions. Therefore, consider making some changes to your meeting settings.

Don' worry, it's not such a difficult task. With a few simple touches, you can come up with an inspirational and creative setting.

Why don't you turn the next meeting into a field trip and take your employees to a fun location? They will surely be happy, bound with each other and share great stories afterward. When they do get back into the conference room, the atmosphere will be totally different.

Make the effort of coming up with ideas to make your meetings interesting and fun; as a result, you’ll both maintain your employees’ attention and get useful ideas from them.

We suggest you organize your meeting to a different venue, transform it into a business luncheon or a brunch outside the company. Try to bring change to their daily routine.


Change your presentation style, do something different at the beginning of each meeting.

Why don't you start the meeting by sharing an inspirational quote or story, a paragraph from a bestselling business book or even show them an interesting video to make a point?

Another idea: if PowerPoint presentations are a regular thing for your gatherings, make a change and hand out paper notes instead, at the next meeting.

People usually like to visualize; this keeps them interested, focused during meetings. Seeing how  PowerPoint slides have become associated with business meetings, it is no wonder employees are beginning to get bored of this method of presenting ideas. Choose another app for your slides but remember not to use too many graphics or sound effects. You don't want to turn your meeting into a tv-show.


Keep it positive.

Starting with your first meeting, try to make it a rule to have positivity across all of them. You certainly don't want to transform your meeting into a session of complaints and quarrel. A problem must be solved by having a team approach and by immediately trying to fix it, instead of continuously complaining about the problem itself.


Keep it short.

Another important tip is that nobody likes a long meeting, so try to keep it as short as possible. If there's still something unresolved, that needs further discussion, just schedule another meeting.

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Posted on Jul 12 2016

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