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6 Ways to Interview Chauffeured Transportation Vendors

We firmly believe that the chauffeured transportation provider one chooses has to be the most reliable part of your company’s travel assets. You might not rely on the air travel component since it's often influenced by employee strikes or weather events. But chauffeured transportation can be the piece that can improve an otherwise unstable itinerary. When you hire the best provider, you can relax and trust the respective company to do whatever it takes to drive you where and when you need to be every time.

The first step in choosing the perfect provider is to evaluate the candidates meticulously. The are plenty of choices since there are over 5,000 ground transportation companies in the USA. These enterprises might be anxious to accept new corporate contracts, but most of them don’t possess the experience or the resources to handle the job. Therefore, we want to help you by providing some advice on how to identify a company worthy of your time and money:


Ask for References

When you approach a transportation provider, you will most definitively receive the same assurance that the respective company has plenty of experience transporting executives or dealing with group transportation, conferences, and road shows. If you have any doubts about their statements, just ask them for references. If they've got nothing to hide, then they shouldn't have any problem sharing information about their experience, of course, with the client's permission.


Visit in Person

Although it is very common nowadays, an executive transportation provider doesn't involve just an individual, an answering machine and a network of vehicle operators. Owning an office building has its clear advantages. Therefore, very few corporations allow their employees to work remotely. We believe it to be a major warning sign if your provider doesn’t have a physical address listed on their website. Moreover, it should make you refuse to collaborate with them if they’re hesitant about letting you visit their facilities.


How Are Your Employees Trained?

Being a chauffeur doesn't imply just having driving skills. Top companies around the country take the necessary time to evaluate their potential employees before hiring and then enroll them in extensive training regarding aspects like customer service, sustainable practices, confidentiality and defensive driving. After they’re hired, they also have to pass regular random drug screenings. Major companies acknowledge the fact that their employees act as their representatives in front of the entire world and therefore, it's worth investing in them.


What are the Hours of Your Customer Service?

This is one hot topic. The perfect answer is that there shouldn’t be any specific hours of operation. If your employees have to travel outside the 9-to-5 work schedule, they need to reach a competent person, in case of emergency and not a third-party answering service or someone’s voicemail. So, verify that the company’s specialists are able to take calls and solve potential problems 24/7.


How is Your Technology?

Any working person above 25 realizes that technology has revolutionized any type of business. We don't know if you are aware that the profession of file clerk has almost disappeared because many organizations replaced them with electronic records management systems. Your chauffeured transportation company must also change with the times. Make sure that they provide excellent service by implementing flight-tracking systems and that corporate contract holders receive customized booking portals.


Will You Be on Time?

This is another important aspect. If the company’s sales team can't guarantee that for you, it’s also a deal breaker. They should always be punctual, without exception and if not, they should admit that it is not the client's fault.

Picking the perfect chauffeured transportation provider is a more important decision than you might think. We bet that you don't want any of the following situations to happen: your executive representative to miss a flight and lose a client, to arrive in an older vehicle and make a bad impression or to experience a negative customer service interaction that ruins his entire business trip. Only by hiring the best can you make sure you don't experience a travel disaster ever again.


Chauffeured Driven Excellence

Regency Global Transportation Group is a leading company which offers first class, trustworthy ground transportation in the whole Pittsburgh Area and worldwide.

Our experienced employees are devoted to surpass each of our client’s expectations by delivering constant quality and premium customer service.



Regency Global Transportation is your best choice for a chauffeured ground transportation company because it has the fleet, network, resources and skilled employees needed to satisfy all your ground transportation requirements no matter where you travel next.

Regency’s worldwide affiliate network offers transportation solutions for its clients in more than 500 service locations all over the world. Our associates are meticulously verified, selected and supervised to provide you smooth transportation every time.



Regency Global Transportation guarantees punctual, reliable transportation for all its clients, be them corporate travelers or individual ones. We understand how important it is to deliver a professional, safe, and comfortable experience.

Posted on Aug 02 2016

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