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A Brief History on the Tradition of Prom

Fancy tuxedos, colorful dresses, corsages, formal photo shoots, limousine rides, lifetime memories, the fireworks. You know what we’re talking about – prom season!! Most high schools have an annual prom event of some kind and this is an event every student hears about and anticipates since elementary. This got our Pittsburgh limo service specialists thinking, how did all this start? When did this rite of passage begin? We, therefore, decided to do some digging of our own to uncover the mysterious history behind this one-of-a-kind event for your enjoyment. You could even use the knowledge in this post as a conversation starter on prom night.

To begin with, the full word for prom is ‘Promenade’, which refers to the formal introductory proceeding that would be conducted by the host at a 19th Century party. Prom as we know it, however, can be traced back to the modest banquets held at American Universities in the 1930s to honor and send off the graduating classes. The event eventually trickled down to the high school level in the 1940s where teenagers began hosting their own annual promenade event as a way of sending off the senior class.

By the end of the 1940s the prom culture, as we know it today, had totally take root and spread like wildfire across American high schools. A decade later in the 1950s, the flourishing postwar economy would allow schools to forgo the traditional gymnasium setting for fancier options such as country clubs and hotels.

In order to understand how deep-rooted the prom tradition had become by the 1960s, President Kennedy once postponed a fundraising dinner at the Hilton Hotel in order to give way to a high school prom event that had erroneously been scheduled for the same venue, at the same time as the fundraising dinner. Later, President’s Ford granted his daughter’s school, during her senior year, the permission to host their prom event at the White House.

Nonetheless, there have also been positive developments over the years. When prom first became popular in high schools, showing up stag to the venue was, more or less, considered to be social suicide. Nowadays you will spot numerous kids showing up in groups rather than in couples and fearlessly dancing alone when they have no one to dance with.

The history and development of prom culture is interesting; despite the hiccups, it may have experienced along the way.

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Posted on Mar 05 2019

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