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Airport Layovers Don't Have to be Boring. Here's What You Can Do.

How we spend our time during airport layovers is pretty much up to us, so the choice to chill (and even have some fun) is definitely possible. Since the duration of layovers spans from about 30 minutes to as long as 23 hours, you’ll want to consider your options before you actually get onto your flight in order to make the most of this precious time span.

We’d love to help you fill up your layover time, so do take a look at some of our suggestions below:

Consider Working Out

This isn’t entirely a new idea, but it’s something you might not have personally considered doing before this. Instead of leisurely strolling around the airport, why not go for a jog or run instead? You’ll need to have a change of clothes in your carry-on for afterward, but that really isn’t hard to pack in beforehand. If going around the airport sounds way too tiring, you can also do some stretches and light exercises at a corner instead.

Leave the Airport

If your layover gives you sufficient time to get out and back, you definitely have the option to explore outside the airport. Not only will you get to discover new things in the area and have some fun, you’ll be surprised at just how fast time will fly when you’re out and about. Just remember to get back to the airport in time for your next flight, so do take into consideration the traffic and lines you might possibly get stuck in when planning your excursion.

Play Games

Instead of letting your mind melt into a puddle of boredom, you can choose to play games. You can indulge in a digital game on your phone or tablet, but it’s usually not advisable to stare at your screen for hours on end. If you’re traveling with someone else, you can always bring along some simple board or card games to pass the time. Not only will you have fun, you might even make some additional friends at the airport.

Chat with a Someone Else

Learn something new about someone else in a place you might never visit again. Either way, it’ll help to pass the time (even if the conversation can be a little dull) and bonding with our fellow humans is always good. Just scan the crowd for a likely target and assess if they’re up for a chat. If they’re sitting near the same gate, there’s also a high chance they’re going to the same place you are.

Get Some Work Done

Not every one of us has the habit of carrying around a laptop, but if you’re going on a business trip, you’ll most likely have your work on hand. Instead of rushing your work before the flight, you can always use the layover time to catch up and get some additional things done. Just remember not to work on something too stressful as the airport isn’t exactly the place for advance work.

Our Pittsburgh limo service is definitely up to the task when it comes to ensuring that our customers are delivered safely and comfortably for their next flight. Regency Global Transportation Group is a leader in chauffeured transportation in the Pittsburgh area and around the world. If you’re ever in the area or require a reliable mode of transport in the city, do give us a call or book a ride online with us today.

Posted on Feb 13 2018

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