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Best Apps for Keeping Your Brain Sharp On and Off the Road

As a business executive, it is important to keep the mind as sharp as possible. Whether you’re dealing with day-to-day issues at the office or traveling to meet with clients, you have to stay ahead of the competition by thinking quickly and clearly. When you use the right mobile apps, you can actually train your brain to stay sharp, both on and off the road.


Top-Rated Apps


In addition to keeping yousharp when making business decisions, mobile apps that exercise the brain keep the mind young. Because of that, you can continue on in business well past retirement age, if so desired. Typically, mobile brain-training apps improve memory and recall. Whether at home, in the office, at a hotel, or in a Pittsburgh limousine, you can use these apps on various mobile devices to enhance mental ability.


  • Wizard—Created by neuroscientists with the University of Cambridge, Wizard improves episodic memory, which is needed when remembering things like where you placed the car keys or parked the car. Although this app was initially designed for schizophrenia patients, it adds value to the lives of healthy-minded people as well.

  • Lumosity—Currently, more than 70 million people from around the world use this mobile app. Defined as being a cognitive science app, Lumosity is filled with brain-training games that exercise mental muscle. After creating an account and choosing specific mental faculties that you want to exercise, the program creates a customized daily routine.

  • Fit Brains—Overall, this mobile app helps improve mental performance by using a variety of brain games. Mental functionis made up ofsix primary areas, including memory, focus, logic, speed, language, and visual. Fit Brains challenges mental performance in these areas, much like a personal trainer would challenge you at the gym. This app also tracks your progress and, based on that information, offers recommendations on how you can be even more challenged.

  • Eidetic—As a business executive, you deal with a lot of numbers and data, including dollar amounts, phone numbers, contract information, and so on. You must be extremely sharp with this type of knowledge. This mobile app uses a unique technique known as spaced repetition to help improve number and fact memory.

  • BrainHQ—If you spend time meeting and networking with large groups of people but struggle to focus, this is the perfect mobile app. Included are brain speed exercises, attention exercises, intelligence tools, and several other tools that sharpen the mind. In no time, your ability to hear and focus in crowded places will dramatically improve.


Dependable Pittsburgh Limousine Service


When using a limo service in Pittsburgh, you have the perfect opportunity to work with various mobile apps to achieve a sharper mind. Of course, a Pittsburgh limo service is also an affordable and convenient mode of transportation that offers tremendous benefits on its own.

Posted on Mar 08 2016

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