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Best Packing Tips for Air Travel

Whether you are going on vacation to the Bahamas, flying across the country, or simply visiting a new city, our Pittsburgh car service has compiled a list of packing tips that will serve you on all your airline travels. Pick up a pen and paper and note down these points because they will serve you for a long time to come and go a long way in making all your air travel experiences much less stressful.

We also recommend employing the services of our Pittsburgh limo service for all your airport transportation needs. Besides packing, one of the most stressful aspects of air travel has to be running late to the airport. That mad dash you have to do when you know you are about to miss your flight is enough to ruin your entire trip. With us, however, you don’t have to worry about this. Our professional chauffeurs will consider all the logistics and will be there to assist you with your luggage, ensuring that you arrive at the airport ahead of time. Without further ado, let us have a look at some of the most effective ways to approach packing during air travel.

Pack Light

We cannot over-emphasize this. Nothing is quite as stressful as having to drag around heavy luggage around a crowded airport. We recommend only bringing necessities on your way to the airport. If you’re worried about laundry, remember you can always do laundry on the road or even buy a few items at your travel destination as the need arises. This way your airport experience will be comfortable and hassle-free and nothing is more valuable than that peace of mind when you are traveling.

Packing List

Make a packing list in advance and decide what items are absolutely necessary for your trip. Procrastinators in this department end up falling short and packing unnecessary items because they did not have the time to reconsider and eliminate those items that at first seemed important but really aren’t. Start your packing process several days before the actual trip by gradually creating and recreating packing a list until you have a final list of items that you are certain about.


Expert travelers, most of whom have to stuff tons of clothes in their suitcases will agree that rolling clothing items is much more effective compared to folding them. The reason behind this is that tightly rolled articles of clothing are less likely to get fold creases and they take up much less space (which allows you to carry a smaller suitcase), making it a convenient way of packing all around.

Double Check

Finally, before leaving for your flight confirm that everything you needed for your trip is in your bag/suitcase. You also want to make sure that there are no questionable items that may hold you up at airport security. This way your airport experience will be a breeze, kicking off your journey the right way.

Regency Global Transportation is a full-service ground transportation company that provides on time, reliable transportation solutions for both individual clients and corporate travelers. If you are looking for a reliable Pittsburgh airport transportation service, Regency Global Transportation is the best choice for you.

Posted on Feb 12 2019

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