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Build Your Team For 2017

For any compelling leader things like strategy, morale, production and culture are always first in mind. Going into a new year, it is important to start things right and to hit the ground strongly.

Any leader knows that this begins and ends with the team.  You know what they say the team is your hands and legs, they are your eyes and ears, they are the facilitators, the movers and the shakers, nothing can happen without them.

For 2017 to be the best year your team must be at its best, and you already know how to make that happen. Rewarded, motivated, appreciated and praised for their accomplishments and contributions at the end of the year and the same at the beginning.

We can only remind you a few phrases that will help keep your people close and motivated.

“Thank you”

You probably say this a lot on Thanksgiving, but there is no way you can abuse it. Your team already knows that as they thank they customers and supervisors. Manners are imperative and even though you may act appreciative it is critical to say it. Sometimes all people want to hear is thank you. This indicates them that the job is well done and it shows your quality as a leader.

"Or what do you think about…” or "What's your opinion on…"

Steve Jobs once said the best way we can lead is to hire smart people to teach us and not smart people and teach them.  This is what a good leader does, surrounds himself with smart, supportive people that have an opinion, people. After all, no one can be an expert in everything. Asking someone what they think about something important prompts growth and innovation.  Some people, even the smartest of us, have a fear of voicing their opinions and looking foolish. Give your team moments in the spotlight and consider their ideas, two brains are better than one and with the combined power of your team IQ you might get the best solutions.


“Sorry, my mistake” or “You were right."

Well, that shows that you are self-reliant enough to show that you can admit when you are wrong.  It also shows them that you are not afraid to pay a compliment and give credit when is due.

“I understand” or “I understand you”

Means that you are an active listener. This is particularly reinforced when you add phrases from the conversation.  Even if you come to a decision that is contrary to the suggestions of you team member shows at least that you made a well-informed decision.


“I believe in you.”

We saved this for last because this might be the single most powerful thing you can say to a team member.  These words carry with them a weight that shows your subordinate that you have faith and confidence in them and them.  It shows them that they are in the right place and they are doing the right thing.

Remember these key phrases. Remember also that actions often speak louder than words but sometimes words are more than enough, as long as you choose to say the right ones.

Why are teams important?

Companies, businesses are much more likely to perform thrive when their people work effectively as a team. This is because good teamwork creates synergy, the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts.

Regency Transportation believes that teamwork makes the dream work this is why we constantly train and invest in our people.

Limo Service Pittsburgh is a leader in chauffeured transportation in the Pittsburgh area and around the world because we all work as a team.

Chauffeured Driven Excellence doesn't happen is a team work.




Posted on Nov 29 2016

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