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A chauffeur or a Transportation Network Company?

Technology has changed the world in many ways, the connected world and the power of mobile computing in the form of smartphones has really changed entire markets, and one of those is transport. The rise of Uber, Lyft and other Transport Network Companies (TNC) has only been possible through that connectivity, but they have grasped the opportunity and changed how people view car hire.

However, with such innovation often comes some controversy, and the TNC’s are no different, with many drivers and taxi firms suggesting the competition is unfair or inferior, and we are often asked here at Regency Transportation in Pittsburgh whether we feel the same. The truth is that everything constantly changes, and we do not feel that Uber or similar offer a service that is on competition with us at all. There are many types of transport need, not all are the same, nor are the all competing. The differences between a chauffeur service and a driver or Uber style service are vast, and all have a significant impact on your experience during a journey.

A chauffeur is a highly trained driver, but is also a professional who takes pride in your journey experience being as good as it can be. Where a driver will simply look to get a journey done as quickly as possible, a chauffeur looks to maximize the comfort of the journey, smoother driving, avoiding problem roads, seeking out better views for you to enjoy as a passenger, these are all things the chauffeur will be looking to do, and it is this that best displays the difference between a transport network company service and those of a professional chauffeur service that we here at Regency Transportation provide. Both kinds of service have a place, but they really are not the same place.

We focus on the customer experience, providing luxury travel with a dedicated, highly trained, professional chauffeur that understands what you need from any journey and tailors their approach to meet those needs. Reliable, on time, every time chauffeur services using the highest quality, luxury vehicles provide a transport experience unlike any other, personalized and flexible to meet whatever your needs may be. In comparison to a driver, this is a major difference, and one we think will continue to be meaningful for the foreseeable future.

Uber and their ilk are here to stay, they serve a purpose, but so are we. For people that appreciate a tailored, quality chauffeur service, the difference will always exist.

Posted on Sep 29 2016

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