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Duty of Care- A must have

Regency Transportation is a trustworthy ground transportation provider that operates in the Pittsburgh area and is devoted to maintaining the highest duty of care standards in this domain.

We strictly follow a series of rules, regulations, and standards while we drive our clients all throughout the city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. So, we are certain that our duty of care standards are unparalleled in the industry.

At the 2016 GBTA Convention in Denver, a senior consultant at Goldspring Consulting named Kevin Iwamoto shared some ideas about the importance of DOC for meetings and events, what duty of care signifies and what can apply, particularly to meeting and event leaders, as a component of their onsite planning obligations.

During the discussions session, the participants talked about a series of best practices, which we will share with you. As Kevin said, sharing is caring, and nowadays, Duty of care must be compulsory, not optional.

Double check if your third-­party risk ­management partner (e.g., iJet, travel ­management company, iSOS, venues) can offer services to all types of travelers (be they volunteers, staff or other non­employees) and group them for reporting needs and precise tracking. It's also good to have a discussion, before the trip, with travelers who will visit a medium or a high-­risk area.

Don't forget to create an emergency response plan for international travel that takes into consideration all the possible scenarios including political crisis, military action, and natural disasters. We have the responsibility­­, and it's also smart business to make sure that every employee and contractor returns home safely since we ask them to travel abroad as our representatives. Try to include also the key suppliers when designing your company’s plan.

Come up with a good communication plan for your travelers. Make sure to be explicit and uncomplicated, so they know immediately who to contact if something goes wrong during their trip. Include all the info into a mobile app and in a laptop­-static document that doesn’t need internet access. Also, it's advisable to use only one main link to give immediate access to all the protocols so your travelers won't need to make additional phone calls or access tons of links.

Teach your travelers about special alerts, policies, smart communications, web pages, etc.

Also verify that your travelers understand relevant details, such as if a trip is reprogrammed or if the airlines take over their flight reservations. You should realize that your traveler-­tracking program's accuracy is based on the integrity of the booked info. Any adjustments to the itineraries that are not communicated to the travel or meetings manager can negatively influence the ability to be effective.

Try to be prepared even for the fortuitous things. You should be aware that international travel isn’t usual business. Therefore, before a trip, you must determine what resources are available in case of a crisis; also, it's smart to tell your travelers to check their insurance coverage and other services, to make sure that they are available. Pre-­trip planning and a session of advisory communications are also essential.


Arrange things as to have the financial means and adequate form of payment to purchase charter flights, a large number of tickets, hotel rooms or any other sudden preparations in case of mass guest evacuation.

We recommend you to have a team approach. When risk management and duty of care matters are involved, it’s wise to include all the stakeholders­­ including security, HR, travel,  senior management and risk staff. You also should seek a merged solution that includes all your travelers’ needs. It's good to specify that everyone, from senior management to the employees, has duty-­of-­loyalty responsibilities for each of your traveler's safety and comfort. Every person involved should be announced of any status changes and emergency situations. In addition, don't omit to always update the staff contact information.

This article initially was published in Meetings & Conventions Magazine, on September 28, 2016.

We know that a travel manager, event planner, or an administrative professional has multiple requirements when organizing a meeting or another corporate event. Taking care of multi-city ground transportation services necessary for the roadshows can be pretty challenging; therefore it demands thorough planning, precise execution and to abide by a series of procedures to keep everybody safe, both our team and the customers. It's not enough to understand the responsibilities. A great transportation provider must also have a clear plan designed to meet them.

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Posted on Oct 19 2016

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Our client changed her flights several times which affected the airport location and pick up time. Regency worked with us last minute and did not charge us for all the changes, we appreciate that! Thanks for the great customer service!
Booked a limo for my kids and their friends for prom. We got an 8 passenger stretch Lincoln town car which was very nice. The limo was clean and very new looking. The exterior was clean and no blemishes. The driver was very courteous and attentive to details. My kids told me he was an excellent driver; he opened the door for them all the time and treated them like VIP's. Regency has great service, great drivers and in my opinion the most up to date vehicles. Also the pricing is exceptionally reasonable and affordable.
Regency is my go to company for car service. I have been working with Stacey for a number of years, and I couldn't ask for a better service partner to work with. I even had to call in very early on a Sunday to cancel a reservation, and she was on it, and had it cancelled. I felt bad calling as early as I did, but she was a true professional. I recommend Regency to anyone that I know that needs car service. I'm grateful that you are always on time, and have very courteous, and friendly drivers. Your office staff is always great to work with too.
Service and staff have always been exceptional. Highly recommend your business to anyone who asks.
Regency always does an outstanding job! You never fail to meet the high expectations that we have for transporting our customers, or individuals from our Corporate Office.
I use Regency 5 or 6 times a year and have always found them courteous and dependable. I'm very pleased with this service.
Your company has changed my life. Getting to and from the airport is wonderful now. You've taken the hassle out of travel. I also have used your service to pick up my children when they're arriving late at night at the airport. I'm completely secure in the fact that your drivers will check for delayed flights and will be there to meet them no matter the time. We've also used your company to book drivers in other cities. We are completely satisfied with your services.