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Emerging Trends in Corporate Transportation

Consumer trends in the corporate travel industry are always evolving and service providers have to constantly evolve to remain relevant in the market. Our Pittsburgh transportation service is one of those service providers and, as such, we strive to stay constantly updated on the latest trends in corporate transportation sector. We recognize that it is just as important for our clients to stay informed as it is for us to keep up with the trends, and in this blog post we would like to share some of the latest trends in the corporate travel industry that just might make traveling for you a lot more convenient.

Before we jump into it, we would like to recommend the services of our Pittsburgh limo service for all your corporate travel needs. Our professionally trained and experienced chauffeurs are well versed in the arts of hospitality, and our luxury vehicles provide you with the most conducive environment for you to handle some pending work or even catch up on some rest as you are smoothly and promptly transferred to your next business exercise.


Business/Leisure Traveling

Lately we have recognized that the overall purpose of business travel has changed. Well, the purpose of business trips is still the same in the essence that people will still meet clients and attend business meetings. But a lot of corporate travelers are squeezing in vacation time in between all the business. According to various surveys, over three-quarters of corporate travelers have confessed that they enjoy making time to explore and have fun in the cities and towns they travel to for business. The effect of this is a reported increase in job satisfaction, which in turn boosts employee performance.


Professional Chauffeurs Have Become Trendy

Corporate travelers, especially those who are on the road often, favor professional concierge transportation services as opposed to conventional forms of transportation. One of the main motivators is that concierge transportation services hire professionally trained chauffeurs who are a hundred percent reliable and who have impeccable online reviews. The last thing busy corporate travelers need is uncertainty when it comes to getting to venues on time; this leads to unnecessary anxiety and tension, which may affect their performance. With professional car services, however, corporate travelers can relax with the knowledge that a professional is behind the wheel and that they will get to their destination on or ahead of time, and such peace of mind is priceless.


Mobile Apps

This is not exactly a recent development, but the evolution of mobile travel applications continues to amaze us every single day. Mobile travel apps are now enabling clients to make payments and receive receipts without the physical aspect of traditional transactions. The apps also allow clients to immediately rate the performance of their service providers upon delivery, which has encouraged competition and boosted the performance of service providers since they are able to assess their own performance on the spot, and even compare their user reviews to those of other service providers.

Regency Global Transportation Group is an industry leader providing first class, reliable ground transportation in the Pittsburgh Area and around the world.

Posted on Jul 10 2018

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