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Four Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving The Hotel Room

pittsburgh limo, limo service pittsburghAre you worried about your exercise routine? Though many hotels do have gyms available (or are close to gyms), it can be difficult to fit exercise time in between a workload or family fun. Regardless, there are some exercises that you can do while you're at the hotel.

  • Core Exercises.

    Exercises such as sit-ups and crunches are very easily done anywhere you go and can give your entire body a workout. Switch up your core exercises: swap crunches with diagonal crunches and leg lifts to fully work out every part of your core. Doing core exercises for a length of time can also count as an aerobic exercise.

  • Squats.

    Squats are a fantastic exercise. While they primarily work out your leg muscles, they work out your entire body to some degree. The most important thing to remember about squats is that you need to keep your form. Keep your back straight throughout the exercise. You don't want to try to do these types of exercise fast, as it actually works your muscles out more to do them slowly.

  • Jumping jacks.

    If you really want to get your blood pumping, you may want to try jumping jacks. However, keep in mind that in some hotels, jumping jacks could be enough to wake those beneath you. You might want to reserve this one for the more solidly-built rooms that you stay in. With jumping jacks, it's important that you extend your arms fully to your sides each time. If you feel yourself getting fatigued, it's best that you stop and then continue your set later. You don't want to hurt yourself!

  • Pushups.

    If you can't do complete pushups, you can still get a fantastic exercise from doing them on your knees. With a pushup, you want to watch your form -- just like with squats. Keep your back straight, extend your arms slowly, hold and then slowly lower yourself. Challenge yourself to do more pushups each time! If pushups themselves are too easy for you, you can consider doing one-handed pushups instead.

If you find yourself in hotel rooms quite often, you might want to consider investing in some exercise equipment. Water weights are an excellent solution for the fitness buff on the go, as they can easily taken wherever you go.

Posted on Nov 13 2014

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