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Your Guide to the Perfect Business Lunch

When you're having lunch with a potential new boss or a business partner, plenty of questions are running through your head: What is appropriate to order? Who must pay the bill? How much polite conversation should you make?

Having lunch with a business colleague or partner facilitates a more intimate and relaxed connection that can lead to strong future relationships. So, make an effort to be on your best behavior. Sharing a meal can also reveal too much about yourself and your habits and therefore the chances to do something that scares your table companion off are significantly higher. So take your time to prepare.

It's quite doable to have an enjoyable, yet professional lunch, at the same time. Choosing to discuss business over lunch is the perfect occasion since it isn't as informal as a breakfast meeting nor formal as a dinner meeting. To have a successful business lunch just try to follow this steps:


# Schedule the lunch

Try to make your choice from a list of familiar restaurants or present a list of adequate suggestions to your guest and let him/her decide


# Confirm the meeting

It's advisable to contact your guest via email or simply call him to confirm the date, time and location of your business meeting. Afterwards, you should also confirm with the restaurant as well.


# Wait for the guests

In case you arrive earlier than your guests at the restaurant, try not to be seated until their arrival. Otherwise, it might be difficult for them to identify you, especially if this is the first time you meet in person. Also, waiting for your future table companions will give them a good impression of yourself right from the start.


# Stay on task

Of course, you should make some polite conversation, but try not to overextend this moment and remember to order your meal and take care of your business. It's nice to get to know your companion a little bit, but there are also important things to discuss. As soon as everyone is seated, check the menu and make your order so that afterward you can talk with your guests uninterrupted. Experts say that you should start with light conversation issues and not to abruptly begin with business subjects. The right moment for business talks is over coffee or dessert.


# Mirror your guest’s courses

Don't give your companion the impression that you are obsessed by the price tag by choosing the most expensive or the cheapest item on the menu as they will feel forced to carefully think about what they should order as well. Another tip is to have as many courses as your guest. If they’re having a three-course meal, don’t order only one dish because you’ll end up staring, waiting for your own food to arrive or for them to finish eating.


# Watch your manners

You should know that there are some social conventions to abide while seated at the table. Simply remember what our mothers taught you when we were little: bring your food to your mouth, not vice-versa, use a salad fork if there is one and don't slant the bowl of soup away from you. Don't eat or drink loudly and don't seem hesitant when having to use different types of glasses. Try to follow everyone else’s lead as even they might not know which is which, either. Have faith that everything will be alright and behave like a professional.


# Pick up the bill with confidence

The usual practice is that the one who does the inviting is the host and will pay for the meal. By the end of the meal, you should have given enough signals that you've assumed this role so that things don't get awkward as others offer to pay. Simply take the bill, place your credit card in the folder and continue to talk as if nothing has interrupted you. Try not to draw attention to and make a big fuss about what you’re doing.


# Handle the transportation details

It will make a great impact upon your guests to take care of this aspect and show once more how important your guests are to you and your company.  By taking care of transportation, you are making sure that your guests' experience is memorable from beginning to end.


Regency Global Transportation is a complete ground transportation company that ensures punctual and reliable transportation for any client, be it corporate traveler or an individual client. We are committed to providing you with a professional, safe and comfortable experience every time.

No matter if you're organizing a small gathering or a big conference, our large fleet can accommodate any group. Regency’s competent meeting & event experts will surely take care of every detail of your event-related ground transportation.

We will also make sure that your guests are welcomed by an experienced meet and greet staff at each destination, making sure that they get where and when they need.

Call us to talk to an experienced planner. Our sales department will give you more information about our meeting & event transportation services if you call 1-800-397-0071.

Posted on May 03 2016

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