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How to Get the Best Deals on Hotels

Traveling can be exciting and getting away for a while can be extremely refreshing but, there’s a catch, it also costs money. This might be discouraging at times, but it doesn’t mean you have to put off traveling until you have made it big. By saving on hotel expenses, you can afford to travel on a budget and have just as much fun. Accommodations are definitely one of the biggest expenses we incur when we travel, and if we could find a way to cut down on this cost, then traveling would be a lot less financially strenuous. Our Pittsburg transportation service has decided to share a few tips on how to get the best deals on hotels and resorts to help you save some bucks.

We also want to recommend contracting our Pittsburgh Transportation Service for all your transportation needs during your travels. A lot of people assume that concierge car services like ours are unbelievably expensive but, the truth is, they are quite affordable and cost-effective, especially when you are splitting the cost with several of your companions. Besides this, chauffeured services like ours save you the hassle of having to navigate unfamiliar cities and towns. Chauffeured services allow you and your companions to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious ride to any destination of your choice in a safe and expedient manner as you place all your focus on fully enjoying your travel experience. Here are a few effective tips on how to get the best deals on hotels.


Contact the Hotel Directly

Once you have narrowed down on your list of potential hotels, you can gather information online on the deals and packages that each hotel has to offer its guests. However, while a lot of this information can be found online, the only real way to be certain that the deals are open to you is to contact the hotel directly. This way you will be able to gather a list of all the current deals available and make an informed, cost-effective decision. This will also save you the inconvenience of traveling all the way to your destination only to find that the deals and packages are premature or expired.


Search in Unpopular Hotels

Just because some hotels haven’t invested in a website or high search rankings, doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth a try. In fact, some less popular hotels tend to be cheaper and have some of the best deals and packages for their guests; perhaps this is an incentive to try and pull more customers from their popular competitors. Either way, this works out perfectly for you since finding a good, low-profile hotel will help you save quite a bit of money during your trip.


Visit in the Off-Season

This goes without saying, but when the demand is high, the prices to any commodity tend to go up. Hotels operate under the same principle and if you are going to travel during the holiday season when everyone is trying to book a room at your hotel of choice, you should be prepared to bleed a bit. However, if you schedule your visit for the off-season when most people are busy with work and school, you will definitely get to book a stay at a much cheaper price.

Posted on Dec 11 2018

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Service and staff have always been exceptional. Highly recommend your business to anyone who asks.
I use Regency 5 or 6 times a year and have always found them courteous and dependable. I'm very pleased with this service.
Regency always does an outstanding job! You never fail to meet the high expectations that we have for transporting our customers, or individuals from our Corporate Office.
Regency is my go to company for car service. I have been working with Stacey for a number of years, and I couldn't ask for a better service partner to work with. I even had to call in very early on a Sunday to cancel a reservation, and she was on it, and had it cancelled. I felt bad calling as early as I did, but she was a true professional. I recommend Regency to anyone that I know that needs car service. I'm grateful that you are always on time, and have very courteous, and friendly drivers. Your office staff is always great to work with too.
Booked a limo for my kids and their friends for prom. We got an 8 passenger stretch Lincoln town car which was very nice. The limo was clean and very new looking. The exterior was clean and no blemishes. The driver was very courteous and attentive to details. My kids told me he was an excellent driver; he opened the door for them all the time and treated them like VIP's. Regency has great service, great drivers and in my opinion the most up to date vehicles. Also the pricing is exceptionally reasonable and affordable.
I feel very secure to use Regency Shuttle. You make my travel less stressful and I can relax knowing I will get to my destination safely.
Whether requests were made by phone or email, follow up and confirmation would come immediately. This communication instilled confidence in the pick up of our guests regardless of where they were going in the city. We have also used Regency as our point of contact for other cities and countries outside the US when executives were traveling and we felt the same confidence that our requests would be fulfilled precisely as we asked.