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How to Make the Most of Your Airport Layover

How we spend our time during airport layovers is depends on us. During an airport layover, we can definitely chill and have some fun, too. Since a layover can last from 30 minutes to 23 hours, you’ll want to consider your options before you get onto your flight in order to make the most your time.

Layovers can be really stressful, but we are here to help you with the best tips to fill up your time, so take a look at some of our suggestions below:

Work Out

This isn’t a brand-new idea, but it’s definitely something you might not have considered doing before. Instead of strolling around the airport, why not go for a run instead? Of course, you’ll need to change your clothes after, so make sure you pack beforehand. If going around the airport is too tiring, you can do some easy exercises and stretches in the airport.

Leave the Airport

If the layover gives you plenty of time to get out of the airport, you definitely have the option to explore the area. You will discover new things and you will certainly have some fun; this way, time will fly away, and you will enjoy a nice experience.
But remember to get back to the airport in time for your next flight - consider the traffic and the security check lines.

Play Some Games

Instead of letting your brain get bored, play some games. You can choose a digital game on your phone or tablet, but remember it is not ok to stare too much at the screen of your devices. If you’re traveling with someone else, bring along some board or card games. You will you have plenty of fun and you might make some new friends at the airport.

Chat with Someone

An airport layover gives you the opportunity to chat with your friends or even make a new friend. Either way, the time will pass faster and bonding with other people is always good for us as human beings.

Get Some of Your Work Done

Especially if you’re going on a business trip, you’ll likely have your laptop on hand and a layover is a perfect chance to get some work done. Use the layover time to work on a presentation, check and reply to some emails, or get in touch with your co-workers. Don’t work on something difficult and stressful, the airport isn’t the place for elaborate work. Grab a coffee and your laptop and let the time pass.

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Posted on Jan 29 2019

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