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iPhone 6: New Upgrades for Business Users

limo service pittsburgh, pittsburgh limoApart from iOS 8, the iPhone 6 has many new upgrades that business users may find extremely desirable. Those who are thinking to upgrade their phones for their employees or simply for themselves may be interested in learning about some of the new features.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay enables you to easily pay for things using the internal NFC chip. Through Apple Pay, you can pay for things quickly on the go -- but, even better, you also don't need to worry about how to pay. Apple Pay will keep your payment information secure while you travel because the merchant won't receive any of your payment information.

Send Last Location

The newest iPhone can send your phone's last location as it's about to shut down -- something that is absolutely mission critical for those who travel a lot. In the past, iPhones that had "Find My iPhone" enabled would be useless once they powered down, because they would no longer be sending tracking signals. This was a huge problem which has finally been resolved.

Increased Battery Life

For those who are always on the go, it can be difficult to be constantly charging your phone. Though the new iPhone 6 is more powerful, it also has a significantly stronger battery. In addition to the increased battery life, users can go into their settings to see how much power each application they're running is draining -- incredibly useful for those who run a lot of apps.

Faster Wireless Speeds

The iPhone 6 can support much faster LTE download speeds than prior models. This is especially important for business travelers who use their phone as a wireless access point when they're on the go. Additionally, connections to WiFi on the iPhone 6 operate up to three times faster than prior phones. The entire network hardware and connectivity of the iPhone 6 has been upgraded to facilitate faster network transfers and better Internet access.

The above features aren't only available on iPhone 6, of course. Many of these features are also on some premium Android phones for those who would prefer to stay away from Apple devices.

Posted on Sep 22 2014

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Service and staff have always been exceptional. Highly recommend your business to anyone who asks.
I use Regency 5 or 6 times a year and have always found them courteous and dependable. I'm very pleased with this service.
Whether requests were made by phone or email, follow up and confirmation would come immediately. This communication instilled confidence in the pick up of our guests regardless of where they were going in the city. We have also used Regency as our point of contact for other cities and countries outside the US when executives were traveling and we felt the same confidence that our requests would be fulfilled precisely as we asked.
Regency is my go to company for car service. I have been working with Stacey for a number of years, and I couldn't ask for a better service partner to work with. I even had to call in very early on a Sunday to cancel a reservation, and she was on it, and had it cancelled. I felt bad calling as early as I did, but she was a true professional. I recommend Regency to anyone that I know that needs car service. I'm grateful that you are always on time, and have very courteous, and friendly drivers. Your office staff is always great to work with too.
I feel very secure to use Regency Shuttle. You make my travel less stressful and I can relax knowing I will get to my destination safely.
Our client changed her flights several times which affected the airport location and pick up time. Regency worked with us last minute and did not charge us for all the changes, we appreciate that! Thanks for the great customer service!
Regency always does an outstanding job! You never fail to meet the high expectations that we have for transporting our customers, or individuals from our Corporate Office.