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The Little Black Book of Corporate Event Planning

Being organized is a must nowadays, especially when dealing with corporate event planning or any event planning, in general.

The best way for staying organized when having to plan a corporate event is to always come prepared.

Regency’s knowledge and extensive experience in event planning are renowned therefore we can share some of the best practices with you. We came up with a corporate event survival guide that will help anyone preparing to plan a successful corporate event.


Making lists, Checking them twice

This guide might not be entirely applicable for all event planners, but it's a starting point for your event planning journey. As you begin to design your personalized survival guide, it's wise to create lists that comply with the five design criteria for a corporate event.


It’s All in the Details

The success of your event resides in taking care of all the little details. Try to set your event goals and objectives. You should establish strict dates, continuously coordinate with partners, vendors, set a budget, negotiate contracts for venues and hotels and make an event agenda. Use checklists as they will help you stay well organized.


“Stand Out from the Pack”

We assure you that an event with a good promotional and marketing strategy will attract attention and maintain everybody's interest all the way to the show and before that. Any successful meeting planner understands the importance of this stage, so he makes sure to inform the PR team about guests speakers or meetings arrangements, to decide to send advertising emails or what kind of online promotion will take place. Also, set strict dates for each task to be completed. These are only a few of the things to look out for when reviewing the essentials lists.


“We Don’t Remember Days, We Remember Moments”

A great event is made by the venue, location, the mood and style of your celebration and the experience you’ll provide to your guests. Turn the worries that it will be yet another dull event to attend into thrills of excitement to come to your party. Remember that your attendees pay attention to every little detail, so the extra effort of a planner to create an ambiance doesn’t go unnoticed.

The kind of events that remain in people's minds are those based on creative, unique themes. They have a story which links everything, right from the save the date email, to the decoration of the venue, the programs, the agenda, the personalized website, the greeting representatives, ending up with the post-show follow-up.

A great event is not one where the guests have to wait impatiently for parking validation or where they can't enjoy because they are driving. So why not unburden your attendees?


“Creative Thinking Inspires Ideas. Ideas Inspire Change”

Try to innovate and come up with a customized experience for your attendees. Once the design principles have been checked, it’s time for the next stage. You should think about what kind of story are you trying to tell at the event. What is the impression you want to leave to your guests?

Create lists of potential ideas but check if they can be incorporated into the big scheme. It’s essential that the atmosphere of your event matches with the message you want to transmit to your attendees, with the impression you want to pass on to them.


“Stick to the Plan”

You must have a clear picture of the event in your mind, right from the start and then, try to implement it with precision and great timing. Therefore, start by making all the necessary lists and only afterward begin taking action, section by section.

Every aspect will have high priority details that need to be taken care of before others to ensure a well-planned and successful event.


In Conclusion

The bottom line idea is that you can never be too organized when it comes to planning an event. We also advise you that, after every item has been checked off your list, go back and review it once more or even twice. You might have forgotten something, or you may come up with a bright, new idea to improve your theme story!

Face everything relaxed, with a smile, try to stick to your lists, and always remember that you have a trusted partner you can count on: Regency Global Transportation.


Meeting and Event Coordination

We know that an event planner has a difficult task and has to fulfill complex requirements when organizing a meeting or other corporate events.

We guarantee that Regency has the proper employees, equipment and up-to-date technology to give you a solution for all your meeting and event-related chauffeured ground transportation demands.

Our fleet can handle groups of any size, therefore rely on us always, no matter if you are planning a small meeting or a major conference. Regency’s experienced meeting & event staff will take care of every aspect of your event-related ground transportation.

We will also have our experienced meet and greet representatives present at each destination, making sure that your guests are when and where they need to be.

Call our experienced planner right away. Our sales department can give you more information about our meeting & event transportation services by contacting the following number: 1-800-397-0071.

Posted on Jul 19 2016

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