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Mind Your Manners: Limousine Etiquette Tips

Everyone enjoys a limo ride; they are arguably the best part of whatever event is going on, right? Whether you are headed to prom, a birthday party, a bachelor/bachelorette party, an anniversary, or simply a night out in town, limousine rides do not disappoint. Nonetheless, while limousine rides are supposed to be fun, they should also be classy and there are certain unspoken etiquette rules that you should abide by. †Our Pittsburgh Airport Transportation Service has put together some of these unspoken rules and we hope that they will enable you to have a better experience as a result.

Also, consider our Pittsburgh Transportation Service the next time you want to hire a limousine. Our professional chauffeurs are courteous and knowledgeable and are dedicated to catering to your every need in order to make your experience as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Respect the Chauffeur

This is a no-brainer, it goes without saying that you should respect your chauffeur; your chauffeur will go the extra mile to make you feel like royalty and the least you can do is be courteous and respectful. Additionally, it would be very unfair to ask your chauffeur to perform any illegal acts such as speeding, overtaking in unsafe areas, and so forth; let your chauffeur do his job in peace and trust that his training will enable him to get you to your destination in a timely manner. Keep in mind that your chauffeur is human too and if he feels agitated, the more difficult it will be to offer you the premium service and treatment he would have hoped to offer.

Observe Cleanliness

Limo services have a very high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, and this is done to ensure that you, the client, is as comfortable as can be. For this reason, you should always try to leave the limo just as neat and tidy as you found it. Refrain from leaving wrappers, papers, cans, bottles, crumbs, etc. in the limo. Pick up after yourself on your way out and dispose of any trash in the proper manner. Additionally, do not put your feet on the seats in order to avoid staining or scuffing them; the next client would also like to enjoy the perfect environment you are enjoying.


It is good to adopt a culture of tipping whenever you have been served well. If you feel satisfied with the services you have received from your chauffeur, give them a reward in cash. A standard tip should be between 15 and 20 percent of your total bill. If you have not adopted a culture of tipping yet, think about how much work and effort goes on behind the scenes to make your ride a comfortable and luxurious one. As long as the chauffeur plays his part in being punctual, courteous, and respectful, it is only fair that he receive a reward for his diligence. Donít you think?

At Regency Transportation Group, your safety and comfort are our priority. We offer a diversified fleet of vehicles to meet all your transportation needs.

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Posted on Mar 13 2018

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