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Mixing Business with Cocktails

Don't you agree that a stylish event with delicious cocktails and good company can work wonders when you want to engage new investors, to appeal to potential clients or to raise some funds for a local charity? The concept of cocktail parties has been used for a long time before it began to fall out of favor for a few years but now it’s put into practice once again. A well-planned party of this kind is the perfect place to socialize with compatible people to discuss business, close deals and meanwhile enjoy refined appetizers and delicious drinks. Of course, there is a lot of work to be done for you to have a successful cocktail party, but the results will make it worth the investment.


First Things First – Choosing the Venue

One of the biggest choices to make is that of selecting the venue for your business-related cocktail party. New investors or clients can't be charmed anywhere; therefore, you definitely have to pick a formal, professional entertainment location. Nowadays, the specialized venues provide you with a variety of rooms and banquet halls that meet all your demands and additionally, the managers can work with you to match the space to the theme of your party and the size of your group of guests. They should have no problem dressing the interior exactly as you need it, be it casual or formal. If your event takes place during a warm season, you may want to choose a location that has a garden or even an arboretum. You will make people feel amazing attending an elegant event, socializing under the stars with good company and tasty cocktails.

If the event you organize is designed to be very formal, it's a good idea to ask the venue’s management if they offer valet service. This sets the tone for the rest of the evening, making your guests understand that the evening is going to be a very stylish one.


Organizing Your Drinks Menu

A cocktail party is based on amazing, professionally prepared drinks. Therefore, you should make sure to hire only experienced bartenders to attend to your guests throughout the evening. Often, the respective venue has its own bartending staff that is accustomed to the location. If the venue doesn’t provide this kind of services, then be careful about choosing the staff. Only a few states require bartenders to be licensed therefore the chances to find an amateur who will ruin your event are pretty high. Try to avoid this situation by investigating the following aspects when interviewing potential bar employees:

Are they qualified professionals?

Do they have their own bar kit?

Do they have extensive experience and can they bring references?

How much do they know about mixology and can they satisfy a wide range of tastes?

Have they undergone a responsible bartending course and do they know when to serve a guest and when to politely refuse them? (This is very important. You want your guests to be pleased and entertained, but you also want them to stay safe.)


Don’t Forget the Food

Your astonishing cocktails can't be served without being accompanied by a variety of delicious hors-d'oeuvres. The management staff from the selected venue might be able to help you by giving you suggestions of good caterers that they have worked with before. But most of the times, the location will have its own catering staff who can be booked for the evening. Of course, the idea is to collaborate closely with the caterer to come up with an appropriate menu for the evening. Usually, it's best to take into consideration the chef’s suggestions regarding the selection of hors-d'oeuvres because of his considerable experience. It's also a good idea to have your chef and the head bartender work together to make the perfect combo out of a featured cocktail and a signature appetizer. Don't be afraid to add a bit of originality to the evening and give your guests something to talk about.

Cocktail parties are becoming a trend again, especially because they are considered a great opportunity for business and social networking. It's a convenient and elegant method to add new business contacts and forging future lucrative relationships. Therefore, when you want to appeal to new clients or entertain possible investors, think about how useful it is to organize a sophisticated evening of cocktails and conversation, for both yourself and your organization.



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Posted on Jun 28 2016

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