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Operator Says: Tips for Buying a Car

tips for buying a carAlthough you can continue using a Pittsburgh limousine service whenever wanted, if you want your own transportation, you can purchase a car. However, before doing anything, it is important to know what to look for since this is a major investment.


Car Buying Tips


  • Financing—Before even looking at any vehicles, talk to a lender. Getting preapproved for an auto loan actually gives you more leverage when it’s time to negotiate. Typically, when a car dealership or private party knows that you have money available, there is more willingness to lower the price to a certain degree.


  • Emotions—It is also important to keep your emotions in check. Instead of going on emotion, conduct research online before visiting a car dealership. That way, you know critical details about vehicles of interest, including actual market value.


  • Negotiations—When you’re buying a car, negotiations are expected. However, to be successful, you want to break negotiations down for each profit center offered, including trade-in value, rebates, price, interest rate, bank fees, value, warranties, maintenance, and so on.


  • False Urgency—Virtually every salesperson is trained to be somewhat pushy. To encourage a sale, a ploy of false urgency is used. In other words, you will be told the car has other interested buyers, the price will only last for a certain period of time, the program offered is about to end, and so on. This is part of what car salespeople do to make sales, so make sure you never purchase a car due to pressure.


  • End of Month—Although you can purchase a car anytime, you will typically get the best deal at the end of the month. At this time, dealerships make deals to boost end-of-month profits. Therefore, unless you need a vehicle quickly, wait until the end of the month to actually buy.


  • Mechanical Inspection—Especially if you’re purchasing a car from a private party or lesser-known dealership, have your own mechanic check things out. While this is not necessary when you’re buying a new car, if you go with something used, always have an independent inspection done. That way, you do not end up with major and expensive problems.


  • Accident Reports—When you’re purchasing a used vehicle, always require an accident report. If it’s not offered by the dealership, you can spend a small amount of money for a car report online simply by providing the VIN number. With this, you will know quickly if the vehicle has beenin an accident and if so, the type and level of damage involved.


Depending on Pittsburgh Limo Service


Having a car is nice, but for those special occasions, you still have the luxury of using a limousine service in Pittsburgh.

Posted on Feb 02 2016

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