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Pittsburgh is Better Than Every Other City

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh loves Pittsburgh. But, so does everyone else! It looks like everyone is looking forward to an escape to Pittsburgh, whether for business or pleasure – and we’re proud of it! Below is why everybody is excited about Pittsburgh. It’s a list of every award and accolade Pittsburgh has received in recent history.

Most livable

Since 2000, Pittsburgh has topped a most liveable city list six times.


According to a report published by Grosvenor, a privately owned property group, Pittsburgh’s ability to adapt to and rise above new challenges makes it the 5th most resilient city in the world.

Keeping the dream alive

Thanks to a strong economy, a stronger sense of community, and upward mobility, Pittsburgh is one of the best cities in the U.S. to pursue the American dream.

Must-see view

The view of Pittsburgh from Grandview Avenue on Mt. Washington made the list of America’s most stunning views, and ranks as one of the best skylines in the world.


Pittsburgh is home to givers who make charitable donations at a rate that exceeds other cities. It’s also home to an expansive sector of non-profits, charities, foundations, and philanthropists.

Safe and secure

The world is a dangerous place, but Pittsburgh is the third safest city in the US. That’s what Farmer’s Insurance found when they evaluated risk factors like economic stability, crime, and natural disasters.


A recent article on Greatist.com ranks Pittsburgh as one of the best cities for 20-somethings. Factors like affordable rent and a good job market, paired with bars and nightlife, create a place where young people want to live.

The comeback city

When the steel mills closed, Pittsburgh suffered. But, the city found its footing with a stronghold on tech, education, and healthcare earning Pittsburgh a place on the Forbes list of top comeback cities.


Taking into account indicators of intelligence like universities, libraries, education level, museums, and public school rankings, Pittsburgh proved to be the smartest city in the US.

A foodie fantasy

Move over Austin, New York, and San Francisco. Bon Appetit magazine chose Pittsburgh as the nation’s next food town.

A place to party

Yeah, we’re smart. But we also know how to party. It helps that Pittsburgh has more bars per capita than any other city and ranks second in pizza shops.


Packed with young people who crave culture, music, arts, and good food, Pittsburgh was named the most exciting place in Pennsylvania. Take that Philly.


When it comes to parks and recreation, Pittsburgh is one of the nation’s best places to play. The quality and abundance of its parks, affinity for sports, and recreation facilities make it so.


When comparing median income with the cost of living, Pittsburgh ranks #1 in affordability among U.S. cities.

A leader in literacy

An annual study of literacy puts Pittsburgh in the upper echelon of U.S. cities; thanks to an abundance of number of bookstores, educational attainment, and library resources.

World’s best trip

What does Pittsburgh have in common with a beach in Thailand and a volcano in Africa? All three of these places were selected to National Geographic’s list of best trips in the world.

An All-American vacation

A combination of arts and outdoors won over the decision makers at the Travel Channel, who included Pittsburgh on a list of All-American Vacations.

Biggest bibliophiles

That means Pittsburghers read – A. LOT. Amazon compiled the data and named Pittsburgh to its list of “most well-read” cities.


The Steel City has a soft side, and a soft spot for romance and chivalry. That’s why Forbes named Pittsburgh to its list of unexpectedly romantic cities.

Startup central

When it comes to starting a business, Pittsburgh is great choice. Kiplinger crunched the numbers on cost of living, investment capital, educated workforce, and business costs when making its list of best cities to start a business.

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Posted on Apr 26 2016

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