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Staying Connected: Technical Tips for Dealing With Colleagues While Traveling

limo service pittsburgh, pittsburgh limo,  tipsIt isn't just that it's more difficult to deal with colleagues (and employees, and supervisors) when traveling -- it's also difficult to deal with them on a technical level. Here are a few things you can do to remain in constant contact with your office on a technological basis.

  • Invest in a 4G data connection while abroad. Many people assume that relying on WiFi is better -- because WiFi is usually faster. The problem is that even when WiFi is faster, it's less predictable. Intermittent WiFi will torpedo a Skype call and make it very hard to stay in touch.
  • Make sure your push notifications are turned on. Push notifications are the ones that actually alert you when a message comes in. If something comes in through Skype or any other messenger service, you probably want to know immediately.
  • Use a dedicated device for connecting with your office through video conferencing -- such as either your phone or an iPad. Trying to connect through a laptop is usually more difficult rather than less because your video-conferencing program has a lot more to contend with (documents you're working on, remote connections to your office, and other programs).
  • Connect to your office computer directly, if possible. Work with your tech team for the ability to remote into your office rather than simply work with the files. This has a very basic benefit: you are looking at exactly what you would look at in the office, at home. That also means that you know exactly what your coworkers are looking at when they try to explain things to you (otherwise you may be running two entirely different interfaces).
  • As an addendum to that, consider using screencast software when you need to work with colleagues remotely. Screencast software, which your tech department can setup, will let you peer into their screen as you talk about things -- just like looking over their shoulder at the office. It's an easy way to collaborate while not in the same location.

Avid business travelers may want to connect with their company's tech team to make sure that they have what they need before their next trip. Often, the tech team may have some suggestions and upgrades that you never even considered!

Posted on Nov 07 2014

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