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The Cutting Edge: 5 Business Productivity Apps Everyone Should Have


pittsburgh limo serviceRegardless of your industry or the position you hold, there are certain business productivity apps that you need. These apps are great for everyone but are especially beneficial if your business is new or struggling.

Best-Rated Apps

  1. Evernote – Of all the productivity apps developed for Android, iOS, and other mobile device platforms, Evernote ranks at the top of the list. With Evernote, you have a workspace for storing information, notes, files, documents, images, and a lot more. In addition, this app has an excellent location for reference information while on the go and boasts powerful features used for searches. 

  1. Todoist – As a businessperson, things get complicated but with Todoist, you have the ability to manage daily tasks as they arise. Although the application is a minimalist service, the design is such that it works across all applications. Because of this, you can create emails, manage tasks for personal reasons, and delegate tasks to business colleagues. For task management, this productivity app is one of the best currently available.

  1. PM – This Casual Project Management application is the ideal tool for business. There are always challenges when starting a new project, but with Casual.PM, things and people stay connected and, with visual aids, you stay aware of everything going on.

  1. Talon – As you know, social media is critical to success, which includes Twitter. With Talon, business events are better organized and you have a more efficient output for tweets.

  1. Basecamp – This is yet another business productivity application worth consideration. This dynamic and modern application is part of project management software that is easy to use. The application is highly intuitive and designed to make working with clients easier. You will also find that Basecamp improves client consultations thanks to a unique template feature.

Better Business

Today, businesses face stiff competition. As such, it is imperative to be more aware and wise when making decisions. In addition to using one or more business productivity apps for mobile devices, you should consider the services of a professional limousine company. These two combined give you more opportunities to focus on really matters: your clients.

Posted on Oct 10 2015

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