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Is The Thought Of Holiday Travel Already Stressing You Out?

Once again, the holidays are coming! Itís that special time of the year when we get to rejoice surrounded by family and friends, but we also get to increase both our waistlines and stress-levels. And while the extra pounds can be worked off in the New Year, just like every year, the stress levels are a reason for concern.

Keep in mind that you will have a lot to deal with, from the many unavoidable holiday trips to seeing a certain relative who you simply donít get along with; not to mention finding the perfect gifts for everyone.

Itís actually quite ironic when you consider that this is the time of year when weíre supposed to forget our troubles and yet, we can't seem to be able to get away from them.

Regency Transportation has come up this year with a few ideas to help you lower your stress as much as possible. Follow the six tips below, and you will see all your holiday travel woes fading away.


  1. Fly smart

It is a well-known fact that it is better to book your flight as early as possible, so start looking around for the best rates immediately.

Also, layovers should be avoided at all costs as, in this period, flights are often delayed because of the weather conditions or simply because of the huge number of travelers. You can't afford to miss a connection because of such a delay as this can destroy your whole itinerary.


  1. Lock in a ride to and from the airport with Pittsburgh Airport Transportation

This step is vital if you want to forget about having to deal with traffic and parking, not to mention those ridiculous airport fees. Also, being driven means that you get a few minutes to relax after youíve packed everything and before you reach the family festivities as well.

Consider arranging for Pittsburgh transportation from the airport to your destination as an early gift to the whole family.


  1. Pack as light and ship your gifts ahead of time

Wrapped packages are a sensitive matter for the TSA, so it is recommended that you ship your gifts ahead of time. Make sure they are prewrapped and, while youíre at it, you could also include your liquids.


By following this recommendation, you will avoid feeling stressed if or when your checked luggage is misplaced or, even worse, lost. Also, this means that you can skip the big lines as well as the waiting around when you arrive because you won't need to check the luggage at all.


  1. Charge your electronics before you go

Because of the increased number of travelers, it will be harder to plug in between flights as the electrical outlets will be occupied most of the time.


  1. Give yourself a distraction during the flight

If you want to enjoy your time on the plane better, you should download a movie on your laptop and bring a pair of headphones. This way you will be able to relax and avoid the surrounding noises that may keep you from sleeping or simply getting lost in your thoughts.

As an extra precaution, be sure to bring more than one thing, just in case you get bored with your usual newspaper or magazine, or you experience a delay.


  1. Pack snacks

Getting hungry while on a flight that doesn't offer something to eat is a sure way to ruin your mood. So, instead of relying on the limited selection and not to mention expensive airline snacks, do yourself a favor and pack your preferred snack.

Don't forget about your health during this time and pack some simple cold medicines and vitamins Ė of course, within the 3 ouncesí limit for your liquids.

This holiday season you should do your best to enjoy yourself. Instead of letting yourself get caught up in everything that weighs us down, be thankful for this time of relaxation, enlightenment, and checking our brains out for a few days.

Stress-free Holiday Airport Rides with Regency Transportation

Try as you might, you canít always avoid all of the problems that come with coordinating travel during the holiday season. But a sure way to reduce stress for your upcoming trip is to book in advance Pittsburgh airport transportation both to and from the airport.

Everyone knows that traveling during the holiday season means navigating a crowded airport but that doesn't mean that getting to and from the airport must be difficult as well.

Choose †Regency Transportation for all your Pittsburgh Airport Transportation needs, and you can be sure that you and your family will arrive at and from the airport in a comfortable, safe and timely manner every time.

Posted on Nov 08 2016

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