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Traveling When The Cyclists Are In Town

The largest American cycling conference is winding down in Pittsburgh and some have already noticed the groups of cyclists out and about. Cycling is a green way to get in and out of town, though it may not be ideal for the business traveler -- after all, you could hardly keep a suit pressed while blazing through the city streets. But it does beg a question; how is one to get any business done when hundreds of cyclists have hit the pavement? Here are a few reasons why you may want to rely on a car service this time of year.

The Cyclists Don't Know The Streets

Though these cyclists are among the most experienced cyclists in the nation, they still don't know the city streets. This convention is so large that people come from all over the nation to attend it -- some people even travel internationally. Some of these cyclists are even quite tired, with some of them having biked all the way from other states. With so many cyclists who are so unaccustomed to the roads, there are bound to be accidents.

Other Drivers Aren't Used To The Cyclists

Of course, it isn't only the cyclists that you need to watch out for. Other drivers on the road certainly aren't used to this volume of cycling occurring. Even without errors by the cyclists, the drivers themselves could cause road hazards that you simply cannot react to. Drivers may not see cyclists or -- worse -- may not even think to look for them.

No One Enjoys Traffic

Unfortunately, it's a fact that additional cyclists also mean additional traffic -- especially when there is a sudden influx of cyclists, such as the convention brings. Rather than sitting in traffic and wondering where your work day is going, a private car service will let you focus on other things. Send emails, jot down notes or even work on your laptop to remain productive and ride the event through.

Of course, cycling is a fantastic addition to any city and an excellent way for a city to become greener. It is only when an unusual amount of cyclists enter into the town that you may want to be a little cautious, as it's simply a situation that everyone involved isn't used to encountering. Still, if you're at all worried about the traffic or the fuss, you may be better off letting your driver worry about it.

Posted on Sep 12 2014

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