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Chauffeur Vs Driver: Do you know the difference

Why you should never settle for a mere driver

For those constantly away on executive travels, having dependable transportation all throughout a trip is paramount for the peace of mind, productivity, and the overall morale. Having to do an extensive search for a car service company that offers not only great customer service and quality vehicles but also a much needed and deserved exceptional overall experience can really deter you from your more pressing matters and, as such, may affect the outcome of your trip.

The skill level of the employees is one of the main differences between a high-quality car service and a lesser company. As such, you should ask and see if they hire drivers or chauffeurs to make sure your executive transportation experience is a memorable one. Regency Transportation has made a list with a few key differences between a chauffeur and a driver so you can better spot the superior company.


A chauffeur is a local expert

As a busy executive who has to spend time in an unfamiliar city, you probably can't afford to lose time researching what the best restaurants, hotels, nightlife stops or places to entertain an important client are. Nonetheless, every business trip must pay attention to them. A professional chauffeur needs to be a local expert, able to offer his or her clients pertinent advice on the best hotels, restaurants, cocktail bars, golf courses, local events, and shopping. Hiring a chauffeur means you won't have to worry about doing research and that you will easily reach each destination.


 A chauffeur is exceptionally discreet

A chauffeur truly understands the nature of your corporate life and, as such, pays the utmost attention. Not only will he or she know the timelines of your meetings, dinners, lunches, pickups and drop-offs, but also when to signal you of his or her arrival without disrupting an important presentation or meeting.

A professional chauffeur is aware of how sensitive an important client meeting is and thus will be overly concerned with providing an outstanding experience that shines a positive light on both you and your company. A driver, having no close ties to the company that he or she drives for, will not pay the same special attention to offering discreet, valuable service as is the case with a chauffeur. A driver isn't as motivated to provide his or her company with a great customer service reputation.


A chauffeur goes above and beyond

Attentive chauffeuring is another vital aspect that really differentiates a chauffeur from a driver. From being considerate of your particular needs and requirements to providing the services and assistance that you need without needing any direction, a chauffeur is always pleased to go above and beyond when it comes to offering you the best possible experience, one that extends far beyond the area of a driver.

Whether providing beverages, music or other concierge services or making sure that the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, chauffeurs understand that your complete satisfaction means an investment in a continuous business. Also, a chauffeur is aware of the power of a recommendation from a satisfied client to his or her colleagues and constituents.

After reading the list above, I think we can all agree that the differences between a chauffeur and a driver can make all the difference between an efficient and enjoyable trip and one that will leave you feeling stressed, unsatisfied and less productive.

By booking car service with a company that truly understands the importance having professional chauffeurs who value discretion, customer service, and superior professional attitude, you will benefit from an executive travel experience that meets all of your expectations.


Chauffeured Driven Excellence

A leader in the transportation industry, Regency Global Transportation Group provides first class, dependable ground transportation in the Pittsburgh Area as well as around the world.

Our staff is comprised of chauffeured transportation professionals who seek to exceed our client’s expectations by providing excellent customer service and delivering consistent quality.

If you want to uphold the high standards that you are committed to, call Limo Rental Pittsburgh. We will prove that we are exactly what you need.

Posted on Nov 01 2016

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From our clients:

Our client changed her flights several times which affected the airport location and pick up time. Regency worked with us last minute and did not charge us for all the changes, we appreciate that! Thanks for the great customer service!
Service and staff have always been exceptional. Highly recommend your business to anyone who asks.
Regency is my go to company for car service. I have been working with Stacey for a number of years, and I couldn't ask for a better service partner to work with. I even had to call in very early on a Sunday to cancel a reservation, and she was on it, and had it cancelled. I felt bad calling as early as I did, but she was a true professional. I recommend Regency to anyone that I know that needs car service. I'm grateful that you are always on time, and have very courteous, and friendly drivers. Your office staff is always great to work with too.
Regency always does an outstanding job! You never fail to meet the high expectations that we have for transporting our customers, or individuals from our Corporate Office.
I use Regency 5 or 6 times a year and have always found them courteous and dependable. I'm very pleased with this service.
Your company has changed my life. Getting to and from the airport is wonderful now. You've taken the hassle out of travel. I also have used your service to pick up my children when they're arriving late at night at the airport. I'm completely secure in the fact that your drivers will check for delayed flights and will be there to meet them no matter the time. We've also used your company to book drivers in other cities. We are completely satisfied with your services.
Whether requests were made by phone or email, follow up and confirmation would come immediately. This communication instilled confidence in the pick up of our guests regardless of where they were going in the city. We have also used Regency as our point of contact for other cities and countries outside the US when executives were traveling and we felt the same confidence that our requests would be fulfilled precisely as we asked.