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Find out the Secrets to Safe Travel

It’s more important now than ever to focus on safety when traveling, and our Pittsburgh transportation team is aware of this. It’s our goal to ensure our Pittsburgh limo service not only meets but exceeds the expectations our clients have. That’s why we don’t stop at providing you with professional chauffeurs highly trained for the job in our luxurious, comfortable, and safe vehicles. We take the extra mile seriously, and we provide our customers with advice on planning safe travel and staying safe when you’re away from home outside of our other services.

Try Not to Look Like a Tourist

It’s not easy to look like a local when you’re in awe of every corner in a new city, but try not to advertise your tourist nature. Our advice includes keeping your jewelry in a portable jewelry box rather than adverting your money on your body. Avoid large handbags that are easy to reach into or grab, and never ask anyone to take a photo of you on the street. Save this request for your friends, your hotel staff, or your professional chauffeur. You know these people won’t run off with your camera.

Keep Your Funds Separated

It’s one thing to keep a spare credit card in your luggage just in case, but it’s another to carry all your cards, your checkbook, and your cash on your person. Keep most of it in your hotel room locked in the safe. The rest of it must be kept apart on your body. Keep your cash in separate pockets. You hold one credit card and give another one to your spouse if you’re traveling together. Put your checkbook in your bag, but keep the rest of your funds separate. If someone takes your bag, you still have cash or a card in your pocket.

Stay in A Group

It’s not easy to stay in a group if you’re traveling alone on business, but it’s something you should try to do. If you can’t find a group, hire our company to get you to and from your meetings and happy hour safely. If you plan on going out to dinner or to get drinks alone, never tell anyone where you are staying, what room you are in, or that you are alone. It’s better to stick with others, but let the professionals help you if you can’t do that.

Our services rely heavily on our professionalism and our commitment to excellence. We take your safety seriously whether you’re relaxing in the back of one of our luxury vehicles or exploring the city on your own. Our highly-trained chauffeurs are knowledgeable and good at what we do. Allow us to make your trip a little more comfortable, a lot safer, and a lot less stressful. We can help you relax by ensuring you get great service, you stay safe, and you arrive in style and luxury wherever you’re going.

Posted on Jul 05 2017

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