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Must-Have Items to Keep in Your Wedding Limo

A lot of planning goes into putting together the perfect wedding, but despite all the careful planning, chances are that the day will be full of surprises and you will realize small details were overlooked in the planning process. Our wedding transportation Pittsburgh service wants to do everything it can to bring those minor details to your attention to make your special day as perfect as it can be.

Through the many years we have been providing wedding transportation for couples, we have come to the conclusion that certain items are a must-have in a wedding limo and we would like to share this knowledge with you to bring you that much closer to making your special day flawless.

An Awesome Playlist

Whether you’re driving to or from the venue, you will want to pop in a romantic playlist or even a party playlist to help you get pumped and keep your spirits high. Music has a way of speaking to us; it has the power to alter moods, and even if you’re feeling nervous about this big day, the right song could help take off the edge and calm you down.


“When you look good, you feel good.”

This is especially important for the bride, but there is no problem if the groom wants to highlight his looks either. At the very least, invest in a good shine reduction powder and some translucent powder that will make your skin look less shiny in those timeless wedding photos. It’s your wedding day, pamper yourself.

Water and Snacks

This is a busy day, and as a result, you may forget to keep yourself hydrated, which can lead to weakness, nausea, and irritability. So bring a water bottle with you and keep drinking; you want to be in the best possible shape, both mentally and physically. Also, if you’re afraid of having a heavy meal on this day, get a few snacks that you can casually much on in the limo to keep your strength up.


This will come in handy, especially on your way from the venue. Pop open a bottle of champagne with your loved one and make a toast to your milestone. However, a bottle of champagne could also come in handy if you’re feeling nervous on your way to the venue; have a glass to take away the edge. But be careful not to have too much, there’s still a long day ahead of you.

As you book your wedding limo at our Pittsburgh limo service, make sure to check each of these elements off the list. They will go a long way towards making your special day a success. Thank us later.

Posted on Nov 07 2017

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