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North America’s Worst Airports

worst-airportsWhether traveling for business or pleasure, you anticipate an enjoyable and safe flight. The good news is that most airports, especially international airports, work hard to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. However, some

airports make flying miserable. Having the current list of worst airports in North America makes it possible for you to schedule around them or come better prepared for your next trip.

What Constitutes “Worst”

To determine which North American airports were worst in 2015, experts interviewed over 3,500 frequent flyers about several categories.

• Overall—Time to get to the airport, ease of the security process, quality of restrooms and terminals, types and quality of amenities, and on-schedule flights

• Commute—Ease of reaching the airport by car during rush hour and non-rush hour, as well as travel time via public transportation

• Time at the Terminal—Level of enjoyment while in the terminal, available seating, ease of security, clean restrooms, and availability of quality food

• Departures—On-time departures

Airports with Poor Ratings

Using those criteria as a guide, the following ranked as the worst airports in North America for 2015.

• LaGuardia International Airport (New York)—LaGuardia has appeared on the list of the worst North American airports multiple times. Problems include unclean terminals, uncomfortable seating, limited places to eat, a terminal in disrepair, and excessive crowds.

• Louis Armstrong International Airport (New Orleans)—Passengers reported problems with air temperature inside the terminal, limited seating, few restaurant options, and poor signage.

• Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles)—Most people found this airport to be confusing, crowded, and uncomfortable. There were also complaints of inadequate staff, poor signage, and few 24-hour restaurant options.

• Midway International Airport (Chicago)—In addition to no pay-per-use lounges, this airport has limited restaurants and shops. Passengers also noted that the restaurants and terminal were dirty.

• Newark Liberty International Airport (Newark)—Along with broken trains and escalators, passengers complained about dirty restrooms, narrow security lines, and unfriendly staff. There are also few 24-hour restaurants, and broken power outlets throughout.

• Miami International Airport (Miami)—Even though this airport is in warm and sunny Florida, passengers report this terminal as being cold and uncomfortable. In addition, the terminal is difficult to navigate, there is a lack of WiFi, restaurants are unclean, and the layover process is complicated.

• Honolulu International Airport (Honolulu)—Surprisingly, this North American airport was on the list. While not as bad as others, passengers said the terminal was uncomfortable and outdated. In addition, there is no free WiFi and only a few restaurants and shops are available.

Easy Ground Transportation

Perhaps to make up for the lack of services and amenities at the airports mentioned, you will find some incredible limousine companies throughout the country that offer superior service, comfort, privacy, and affordability.

Posted on Nov 13 2015

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