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Tips for Wowing Wedding Guests

It's no doubt that your wedding will remain one of the best and most unforgettable days of your life, in spite of the little incidents that might happen. It's the day in which you commit to staying forever by your best friend's side. But you should also think about your guests. Since you ask them to take part in your celebration, it's important to make them enjoy the day and entertain them. While planning and designing your wedding, keep in mind that this moment will be eternally special for you, but you should also go the extra mile to make it memorable for your guests as well!

If you want your guests to remember your big day fondly, you'll have to pay attention to some key areas. Below we offer you a list of tips that will definitely help you impress them.


Make it Personal

The first tip is to create a customized experience, based on your and your soon-to-be spouse's personalities. Your guests will be impressed by the attention to every little detail which, in turn, will reflect kindly on the two of you. Your friends and family are there to see you two connect for life and therefore, will appreciate seeing your personal touch in everything, your unique style.

This doesn't mean that it has to be strikingly unconventional or flamboyantly expensive; it simply means it needs to be in accordance with your style, your way of being. Starting with the theme of your wedding and ending up with the choreography of your first dance, try to personalize everything, to link it with your love story, which you all celebrate that day.


Build Up Excitement

For you, your wedding is an exciting event and is always present in your mind all the way to the respective moment. But your guests probably see it as a faraway event. They might think of it from time to time because of the nagging sense of needing to acquire a new outfit for that day. If you want to maintain their interest and build up their excitement and engagement for your special day, try to follow these steps.

Have you thought of being creative when designing your wedding invitations? Laser cutting, wooden stationery or even fridge magnets for saving the date, anything unusual, out of the ordinary will grab the people’s attention and make them wait the day with curiosity.

You can make your loved ones feel like being a part of the preparations by creating a wedding website and ask them to come up with ideas for the reception playlist; this will give them the pleasant feeling of being involved and being helpful, while not disclosing all your secrets before the big day.


Choose Great Vendors

You surely want your wedding day to be memorable but for the right reasons. Therefore, you should choose your wedding vendors carefully. You want professionals who can help you create a fantastic event, not amateurs who might create more problems or turn into liabilities.

Before selecting the vendors, make sure you do a little research, look for recommendations and even try to meet the potential suppliers before booking, if possible. It's also essential the bond you have with the selected vendors because you want them to be skillful but also feel comfortable around them.

Then simply relax and let them do their job, trusting them to deliver what they've promised. Your carefree attitude will influence your guests' mood as well, making them enjoy themselves.


Focus on Guest’s Experience

Some people think that the attendees will not remember the details of a wedding. It's true they might forget the little incidents and some small details, but they will surely recall the things that really impressed them. One thing that they'll surely remember is you anticipating their needs even before they do.

When deciding the details and the decoration for that day, try to put yourself in your guests’ shoes. It might be your special day, and you are entitled to have the day you've dreamed off, but you should also think about of your friends and family.

Have you imagined yourself saying your vows, somewhere outside, with the sun setting down in the background? It’s a great idea but think of sharing some cool sunshades to protect your guests and to actually see something. We also suggest not to give out generic favors, but to come up with something unique, a small personalized gift that tells them it comes from the heart and is relevant to you and spouse.

These are the things that will impress people and make them remember your wedding day fondly.


Finish On a High

Your wedding day should be an amazing experience for your guests as well and, as such, you should take care of all the stages, including the final one. You don't have to make it big and showy; a beautifully displayed midnight snack and a nightcap at the end of the night will do. An alternative would be to have a relaxed brunch the morning after if your guests are staying locally or at the same venue.

In case the wedding ceremony and the receptions aren't in the same place, you could add to the fun of the journey by booking some great mass transportation. Additionally, you can make a personalized playlist to prepare your guests for the party or even treat them with some delicious wine to start the evening the right way!


We recommend you chose Regency as your Pittsburgh wedding transportation provider if you want to have a perfect, stress-free wedding day! Our professional staff will make sure that you book the right vehicles and design the perfect program for every participant to your big day.



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Posted on Jul 26 2016

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