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Top Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh this Fall

Pittsburgh is one of the cities with a stunning skyline, best restaurants, glittering entrance and hospitable residents. The city is a home to sports teams, marathons, concerts, and festivals that attract many people. Apart from Halloween-themed entertainment, Pittsburgh offers its visitor the best film tests, craft fairs, and live music. Below are some of the top reasons why you should make Pittsburgh your destination this all.

The fall is the best season in Pittsburgh, given that it comes after the summer which is always hot hazy and humid. The perfect weather during the fall is a reason why you should visit Pittsburgh. During the day there are sparkling blue skies and bright sunshine. Usually, the days are pleasant, and at night the windows are left open. This makes it easy for one to see different trees species that are filled with leaves giving the city a magnificent look.

This is the perfect time to have various outdoor activities such as going for hikes or walks to explore the city. Whether peddling or walking, you would be able to have a view of the incredible scenery from the leaves and fresh air. Due to the weather, many running races are held at this time of the year, and you can run through the city during the Pittsburgh Great race in September.

Farm produce such as apples, corn and pumpkins are harvested. During this season most beer brewers are able to whip up special beers. Recently, most breweries have set up visits where people learn how to create own beers. The local winery also opens at this time and allows wine tasting. You can go and have a taste of their wine like apple cider and even purchase some for the upcoming December holiday.

Several festivals such as the national festivals, flower, various harvest festivals the opening of pumpkin patches or maize mazes take place during this time. It is also during this time that you can get to learn more about the history of the festive and why it is celebrated.

Most high schools have football games during the fall season. This ensures that each Friday night and sometimes Saturdays the stadium is filled to the pack as people come to enjoy the numerous colleges competing for fame. If that is not enough, on Sunday it’s the pinnacle of a Pittsburgh fans week. The Steelers game will give you the opportunity to eat delicious snacks, follow up, and drink a few beers with friends.

Many people come over for sports entertainment from games that are played such as baseball and hockey. There is no better time of the year to be a sporty person than watching the Pirates team in baseball, the Steelers running race college and high school football tournaments, and Hockey all happening in one season.

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Posted on Oct 17 2017

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